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Our mission is to help you become a more confident, radiant woman. In order to do that, we must first understand ourselves.

Our Self-Love Vitality Quiz helps you do just that. 

If you've taken it, you can review your score below. If you haven't taken our quiz yet... what are you waiting for?  

If You Score On the Quiz...

Quite Low

You are lacking in self-love and vitality, but THAT IS OK WE CAN HELP! Practising unconditional self-love is not in the least selfish. In fact, when you lack healthy self-love, your overall well-being is affected. It is difficult to feel well when you are engaged in negative self-talk or have poor opinions about yourself.

It's no secret that when you work on loving yourself more and more each day, you will be a lot happier! By building self-love, you also increase your capacity to love others unconditionally.

Ways to move up the scoreboard? Practice SELF LOVE every day. 

Go for a walk, read positive affirmations, take a long relaxing bath, look at yourself in the mirror & be proud of who you see. Practice this daily, and don't forget to join a community of other women who will help encourage you to be the best version of you! 

Don't let your limiting beliefs stop you. You are a radiant, beautiful woman who just needs a little help in understanding that.

If You Score On the Quiz...


While you have come a long way with loving yourself, there are areas that you can work on to raise your self-love vitality. Give self-loving more attention. Build more mindfulness when you catch yourself in negative self-talk. Make self love unconditional. Love yourself unconditionally in the mind, body and spirit! The best way to go about gaining this support is to join a community of like-minded women. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with. A community of brave, beautiful women who will support you to raise your vibration is EXACTLY what you need! 

If You Score On the Quiz...

Above Average

You have healthy self-love that just needs a bit of encouragement!. You are trying SO SO hard but maybe trying is the thing. Learn to love who you are, without trying. That woman you see in the mirror is an astonishing individual. I know you KNOW that, so let’s get you to always BELIEVE that! Self- love will become unconditional. Something you don’t even have to try to do- it’ll happen on it own, every day. You are just 1 step away from hitting the top score. Just let your shoulders down and believe in yourself, beauty!  

If You Score On the Quiz...

High on All Areas

You have healthy self-love and are radiantly addictive. You love yourself in the mind-body and spirit. What is great is that you are able to embrace yourself completely. Self-love becomes unconditional. You don't depend on others for their approval and you are confident with standing in your own power! Because of the healthy love you exude, you have a positive influence on others too- in fact we need women like you to help us spread the message of self-love! Are you interested?


How did Mission Gorgeous Happen?

The name, ‘Mission Gorgeous’ was born over 20 years ago… a challenge to myself to be the best me – oh, and to ‘get the guy’. I’d come out of a long term relationship ready for the change up; new hair, new clothes, ‘woman hear me roar’ empowered mode! You know how that is?! I also wanted to dazzle a special guy I’d had a crush on since high school (I heard he was back in town- swoon). Mission Gorgeous was born that day as I decided to become my most irresistible self. I worked hard in the gym, read up on healthy eating and detox, applied lovely face masks, facials, pedicures, manicures, teeth whitening, tan… I made self care a priority- the full on glow up. When we had that next “chance” meeting the stars collided… we’re happily married for nearly twenty years now!

The real magic wasn’t really the ‘things’ I did, it was MY decision to level up with my confidence, self love and worth to put ME first. Nourish my mind, body and spirit because every body deserves to be loved. That’s the real Mission Gorgeous.

I realized early on that to live the life I wanted, my body and mind, ultimately my nutrition had to be a top priority. The Mission Gorgeous is here to help you put all this front and center in your life and develop habits that will allow you to live a healthy lifestyle that becomes who you are and a part of your identity.

I can’t wait to help you create the best version of YOU!

With all my love,

Linda Evenden
CEO & Founder of Mission Gorgeous

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