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What is Mission Gorgeous? Mission Gorgeous is a 10 day vitality and self love program that you can customize to best suit your goals that are most important to YOU. It’s about a mission to truth, a mission to improve your beliefs and relationship with food, with self love and your body.  Re-claiming your worth. To love and ‘be in’ the beautiful body you are in right now with wholehearted acceptance, ownership, gratitude and reverence.

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About Linda

My heart’s wish is that together we can create a community where body love, acceptance, and self care are embraced. That when you look in the mirror it won’t always be your external you that you are measuring and judging.  That you will allow yourself to see your inner beauty, your heart, the ultimate truth that you are magnificent, deserving and powerful beyond measure.  That is my wish for all of us.  Imagine how you could create anything your heart desires from this place.   This is the self love, acceptance and freedom we all deserve. The mantra for Mission Gorgeous is – Every Body deserves to be loved.

I know for many this may sound daunting, maybe not even possible.  I’ve been there, in doubt and fear and feeling unworthy and not enough, feeling completely burned out, not even wanting to look in the mirror.   Thankfully I found my way out.

For a long time I was busy being busy, hyper achieving, working long hours, caring little about my overall health. I was putting everyone else first, constantly trying to impress others and leaving myself only crumbs of love that were left over.  I took my body and health for granted, my health declined and as the stress increased I made continual poor choices around food and ways to numb the pain.  Then one day it all came crashing down, I went through a physical and mental breakdown.  

I went from feeling invincible to barely able to get out of bed. I ended up on anti depressants, in total anxiety, barely able to leave the house. I left my corporate career, I couldn't face the thought of it.  I had to change. Little by little and step by step I started to rebuild my health and navigate back to my best self. I discovered there are many parts to our health and vitality. This was not a quick fix no matter how fast I wanted to force it. Forcing was no longer the option. Surrender was the way. It scared the pants off me.

I realized I had many layers of healing to do not just physically but also emotionally & spiritually.   As a teenager, I’d had a severe curvature of the spine called scoliosis, I’d had many surgeries and complications, I created a belief that I was ‘deformed’.   My body = pain. As I peeled back the layers on this, I realized I had been rejecting my body on many levels, underneath all this was a deep sadness and a belief I wasn’t lovable.  I knew I had to meet with that sadness and shed love and light and ultimately truth on it.

That was a pivotal moment.  I knew to get through this I had to give myself all the self love and care I deserved.   I knew it was time to reclaim the ‘jump out of bed’ young girl I’d been.  The fun girl, the adventurer, the free spirit and welcome her back into the driver’s seat.  I started to put myself first, I began a lifelong journey into self development, I changed my relationship with my body and began loving her instead of being disappointed and rejecting her.  I began eating for vibrancy, doing exercise, yoga, meditation, journaling, juicing, investing in natural healing therapies and built an empowering mindset. Most powerfully I gave myself the gift of real nutrition.

This is the true heart of what Mission Gorgeous is…  a mission to truth, a mission to improve your beliefs and relationship with food, with self love and your body.  Re-claiming your worth. To LOVE and ‘be in’ the beautiful body you are in right now with wholehearted acceptance, ownership, gratitude and reverence.

My journey is captured so well in this quote ““Diseases can be our spiritual flat tires - disruptions in our lives that seem to be disasters at the time but end by redirecting our lives in a meaningful way” Bernie Siegel. M.D.

This is why I’m committed to sharing all I’ve learned. I want all women to experience their own truth, love and greatness.   Starting may not be easy and it’s going to be a work in progress, but I can promise you this… it’s worth it.  From the place of true connection with yourself will come more happiness and freedom.  You’ll know in every way that you’re enough… deeply loved, loving and lovable. 

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